Colouring pages 001

I have created this blog for the purpose of sharing my works for my kids on colouring image that is mostly like to do for her daily activities beside watching cartoon movie clip on her dell venue 8 tab.

I found it is hard to have the version with colour sample attached with the black and white template. With that, kids might know which colour should they used to paint it. I had include also the black and white version which can be freely customise the background as needed.

I knew that some time kids does not like what we have told them to do but preferred to make what they decided.

Here is a color vs black and white version

disney-frozen-movie-1920x1080-xgk_mgh Frozen_b&w

How do you think about this works? Is that acceptable or should be re-work on the black and white to have similar format as the drawing one?

You make me hurt

A broken heart is just like a curse, It will never go back to the mouth of person who gave it.

I know its difficult, but I know one day I will forget and if not I will dead.

If ever I knew that love will become reason of pain and destruction for me. I would never let my heart go.

I was sure you will not let me go. But there is no love without pain.

To become broken heart person, love a person who doesn’t have a heart.

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