Making money online through ads clicking

Hi friends, have you ever thought of making money from clicking ads on website? Even it is just few pennies but you can make it. Here is my prove that I get from clicking ads on a website calling  probux-icon

You can make as a standard 0.04$ per days. Sound very little right? At first, I thought same like you did now but with the good strategy and feature of rented Referrals you can make money.

Here is sample of my recent withdrawal from probux to account.


You can follow  strategy as what I have done with this link

I am not sure whether you would know, right now you can make a withdrawal your money from payza account to your Debit Visa card with the fee just only 8$ for the amount below 500$.  Here is my recent withdrawal to Aba Visa Debit Card

Credit Card Withdraw

It would take from 2 to 4 business days to get it in your bank account.

:: Online investment through LEANCY


With Leancy you can invest in start-up and crowd funding projects. You can receive your daily income from your investment budget up to 5%. You will get it until 150% including your initial budget.  I have decided to start investing on it 20$ since 4 Feb 2014 by using ego as its payment processor.  In fact, they support many kind of payment processor including Perfect Money,  OkPay,  BitCoin, and Payeer.

You can have a try by your self in Leancy  with minimum 10$.

What I love from it is that I got my first withdrawal instantly.  I do need to wait for some period of time.


By the way, there is some constrain on when you can withdraw your money. You need to have a minimum 1$ to be able to take it out.  I have try my first withdraw when I reach its minimum because I wanna to test the system to be sure for my self that it is works as promise in the system.  Withdrawal process can be done only to the respective processor that you used to invested in. You might not be possible to invest through for example ego and withdraw to OkPay.

One more thing, I think most of you may be have some money in other kind of payment processor like payza-logo, Paypal, … If you want to make an exchange from one processor to another there have many available exchanger online.  Currently I used logo_paymanetbase as money exchange from payza-logo  to  ego.

You can see their progress every second on Leancy  dashboard.  I will update you more once my 15$ target is reached.

Here as promise, I withdraw my 15$ from Leancy to my Egopay on 24 Feb 2014

leancy payment prove