:: Rules In Love

1: Never ask for a hug,
Just take it….

2: Never ask,”Do yo miss me?”.
Say”I miss u”….

3: Never ask,”Can you help me?”,
Say”I want you to do this for me”….

4: Never say I can’t live without you,
Say I live for you.

5: Last but not the least, never say
thank you, sorry or please, instead say anytime for you

:: Quote – day 002


A loved one is not the person who understands your happiness.
But, Is the person who can guess your sadness before your eyes feel

Sun shines in the day… Moon shines in the night… But you shine in my heart every day and night

You are the one who can handle your heart better than anyone else..
So don’t give it to someone else and complain that they are hurting it.

Never try to hide your secrets from a person who can read your Eyes.
Because the one who can read your eyes is always an Expert in reading your Mind  and Heart.

Love comes on its own, but it only grows if you care for it,
never hurt people who love you a lot, because they won’t hurt you back, but probably Leaves you Forever .

When you fall and need to be carried, call me!
When you hurt and need a shoulder to cry, call me!
One day when you call  and I don’t answer come fast may be I need you.

It hurts to see the one you love walk away but what really hurts the most is when they let you believe that they loved you, but they really never did.

Just a small difference between Liking and Loving:
Liking:  ”Don’t worry dear, take care!”
Loving: ”Don’t worry dear, I will take care!”

I saw you sitting and crying.
I asked you why? But you didn’t answer.
I came and sat near you.
I tried to hold your arms and wipe out your tears but you just went away.
Then only I realized that you were sitting on my grave after my death.
Hope you will be such a friend till my last heart beat.

When you love someone, it’s something. When someone loves you, it’s another thing. When you love the person who loves you back, it’s everything.

:: Quote – day 001

Nobody Knows Me, The Way U Do.
Nobody Can Read My Eyes, The Way U See.
Nobody Can Feel My Soul, The Way U Touch.
Nobody Owns My Heart, The Way U Hold.
Nobody, But You My Love.!!

Missing you could turn from pain to pleasure, if I knew you were missing me too.

Someone who makes your life seem like its worth living,
Someone who makes you feel loved, protects you, is always there for you.
A boyfriend is also someone you can define as the light of your life,
the beat of your heart, the sun in your day and the stars in your night.

Distance may keep us apart but I will not stop loving you my dear.

I used to say the definition of love but now I know the real definition of love and if this is not love then there is no love

If someone comes into your life and becomes a part of you,
but for some reason he/she couldn’t stay with,
Don’t cry too much… time will run by
Just be glad that your paths crossed and somehow he/she made you happyeven for a while.

:: Online investment through LEANCY


With Leancy you can invest in start-up and crowd funding projects. You can receive your daily income from your investment budget up to 5%. You will get it until 150% including your initial budget.  I have decided to start investing on it 20$ since 4 Feb 2014 by using ego as its payment processor.  In fact, they support many kind of payment processor including Perfect Money,  OkPay,  BitCoin, and Payeer.

You can have a try by your self in Leancy  with minimum 10$.

What I love from it is that I got my first withdrawal instantly.  I do need to wait for some period of time.


By the way, there is some constrain on when you can withdraw your money. You need to have a minimum 1$ to be able to take it out.  I have try my first withdraw when I reach its minimum because I wanna to test the system to be sure for my self that it is works as promise in the system.  Withdrawal process can be done only to the respective processor that you used to invested in. You might not be possible to invest through for example ego and withdraw to OkPay.

One more thing, I think most of you may be have some money in other kind of payment processor like payza-logo, Paypal, … If you want to make an exchange from one processor to another there have many available exchanger online.  Currently I used logo_paymanetbase as money exchange from payza-logo  to  ego.

You can see their progress every second on Leancy  dashboard.  I will update you more once my 15$ target is reached.

Here as promise, I withdraw my 15$ from Leancy to my Egopay on 24 Feb 2014

leancy payment prove

:: First day on WordPress or Blog,

Good afternoon everybody,

I am very happy to see you around. My name is Veasna. I am from Cambodia. Today, I decided to start my first step on blogging. I knew that it is very hard for the beginner like me but I do hope this path can enabling me more reach in contain writing.

I do sorry for my English because I am so poor on it. I decided to make this work because I want to gain also the knowledge of writing and improvement of my English levels.

Thanks for your time reading my blog :-)